Welcome to my corner of the web.

I'm Vignesh, a product designer at Capital One focused on our customer offer and growth experiences. Before that, I was a UX design intern at IBM Blockchain and Viget, as well as a designer for a couple of early stage startups like Axle and AG350.

I grew up in North Carolina and graduated from Duke University after studying Computer Science and Visual & Media Studies. This cross-disciplinary approach was perfect for me, because I didn’t fit neatly into being more “left-brained” or “right-brained". After stumbling on design as a career in college, I took on side projects, internships, and read (then reread) Julie Zhuo's articles. And the rest is history.

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A little bit more about me

Facilitating workshops

At Capital One, IBM, and Ideate (a student-led design conference I helped organize at Duke), I've taught and led design thinking workshops.

Running around

I've become an avid runner in the last few years (check out this animation I made about that). I ran my first half marathon in March 2022!

Exploring when I can

Each year I try to travel to a few new cities/parks/countries. I saw this big guy sneaking in the grass during a visit to the National Bison Range in Montana.